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Load-break Switcher (VSD)

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It is a switch-disconnector combining the features of the SLOB vertical-break disconnector with those of its SF6 interrupting chamber.

Compared to traditional solutions which, for rated voltages above 52 kV, use more than one vacuum chamber connected in series, the interrupting chamber of the VSD is of single-gap type (for all voltage values), which avoids the risk of current breaking failure caused by the lack of synchronization between chambers.

The interrupting chamber is operated by the arm of the disconnector, which prevents the risk of performing erroneous operation sequences.

The actuator of the interrupting chamber is of monostable type and enables the load-break switcher, during the closing phase, to make only negligible currents (or, possibly, the rated current, but for a limited number of operations only).

Rated voltage: 36 - 245 kV

Rated continuous current: up to 3150 A

Rated short-time withstand current: up to 63 kA (3 s)

Rated breaking capacity: up to 3150 A


VSD 72.5-245 kV
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